Blueprint of a Woman

If you haven’t done so already, the time is now ladies for you to reconnect to your body and love her just the way she is. You have to love the body you have right now to get the body you want. You will never transform your body if you don’t treat her like she’s a treasure – ever.

Sure, there may be some aspects you would like to change - we’re only human sister, however you are all walking around with these amazing blue prints in your bodies.  They tell you how to live and work and love in the flow, in present time.

Let’s dive deeper into the blueprint of being a woman, our hormones. These are physical structures that live in your body and allow you access to an infinite source of energy, vitality, clarity, inspiration, passion and unwavering purpose.

You must master your hormonal health in order to be in harmony and live your life with ease and grace.

When a woman is in alignment and harmony with her internal eco system, that begins to imprint the ecology of her entire life - her external environment reflects her internal environment.

With this idea of transformation - your body is a change agent, never static, never still. Always moving, always morphing into new possibilities. This can then start to flow over into other areas of your life but it starts with you and loving your lady parts first – your hormones, your emotions, the rhythm of your cycle, all the beautiful aspects that make you a woman.

If you can tune into connecting to your feeling body – become fluent in the language of your body through feeling and listen to the messages your body is sending you, you can find the rhythm that works best for you.

When you learn to adhere to the inner guidance of your body you will learn what and when to eat, how to move your body, when to relax and draw energy in, when to engage and be out in the world. There’s no need to push or struggle if you just start to listen and feel.

Real beauty is about your heart and soul, not your dress size. Learning to recognise your own beauty will help you believe in yourself and your dreams.

When you get into partnership with your body and unique beauty you can experience the fullest expression of your potential, you can become the heroine in your story and the leader in your life.

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