40ish & Flawsome

There’s a rite of passage a woman goes through from her 30’s and moving through her 40’s. Perhaps you’ve become a mother, been through a divorce, lost one or both parents, struggled with fertility, are building a business, failed at a business, probably lost money on something that “didn’t work out” and experiencing physical and emotional changes as you mature. REAL big stuff... Society hasn’t been so kind to women over 40. Somehow rendering them invisible - like they have a used by date once their child bearing years are coming to an end. There’s been many an occasion where I’ve been judged purely by my age, not by who I am. It can be quite devastating when it first happens, a kind of disorientation that creeps insidiously into your world. We’re very sensitive creatures us women. I’ll never forget talking with a man I’d just met about this situation some years ago and I was discussing with him men just aren’t into “older” women. He said to me “the smart ones are” – love him for that!

I’m here to be a voice for all those 40ish REAL women who get better with age – like a fine wine. We’re sassier, unapologetically who we are, more confident, intuitive, independent, better decision makers about business, money and men. We speak up for what we stand for, become more compassionate and patient. We’ve owned our shit & know we’re frickin’ awesome anyway… We don’t buy into drama anymore and we don’t let people treat us like doormats. We get busy kicking our life goals, having let go of the belief someone is coming to rescue us. We honor and love other REAL women, no longer needing to compete and compare. Here’s to all you fabulous and fortyish REAL women in my life. You got this!

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