My life has been an adventurous and colourful one. With my early beginnings as a professional dancer, I transitioned into Wellness as a Health and Movement Coach. Cultivating my craft for over 20 years, I've have done a lot of deep women's work and soul searching during this time and have supported many other women through this process.

This  space is for the women who dare to different, have big dreams and are keeping it REAL about what women are faced with moving through our 30's to 40's and beyond. I believe we can all thrive in health, work, play and financial wellbeing with the right tools for change and support.


Welcome to what is the accumulation of my wild life’s experiences and the wisdom I’ve learned along the way.

On these pages I hope to bring to you natural remedies and solutions to mastering the art of ageing well so you may experience longevity, vitality and feel radiant.

A woman reaching for her dreams, unapologetically, is capable of creating anything she wants....
You are allowed to reinvent yourself  as much as you like. You are also allowed to make mistakes, a lot of I have done.


In my own journey with digestive issues, chronic stress, adrenal exhaustion, fertility and low self worth -  I’ve had to heal my body and soul. I’ve experienced what many others have experienced in their life - deep grief and trauma and the witnessing of what gets initiated within from this place.

I’ve struggled through a lack of financial wellbeing for much of my life, and I can appreciate  many other women struggle with this too. I thought for so long this was segregated from the other healing aspects, however now as I come to this point in my life, I know it all comes down to my worth and my self value.

So when I value me through looking after myself physically, mentally and emotionally, I start to notice that more of what I desire opens up.


This is why I want to support other women on their journey to do the same because it’s never easy doing it alone. I’ve found a lot women feel isolated and are suffering in silence and it’s time we come back together to connect, share and support.

This is what I’m all about:


A life of more: more time, more connection, more fun, more money, more REAL.


It’s crazy to think we spend most of our life striving to just  “make money” at the expense of our wellbeing. Then we spend our hard earned money trying to reclaim our health.


The question is can we have our health and our wealth? I believe we can…


Melanie. L Payne

Melanie Payne



Are you a high end hustler that has no desire to work for anyone else? Do you believe it is possible to create the life you want and have fun doing so? I would love to work with you, so learn more on how you can work with me. Learn More >



Melanie. L Payne

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